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About Us

Our Mission 


Our dream at Asiana Foods is to serve Fort Collins with the delicious and fresh culinary flavors of Asia. We want our customers to get a taste of unique and healthy foods. our menu Includes all types of dishes from various regions, creating a whole tour of Asia without straying too far from home. 

Meet Our Team


Sam Aun

Head Chef

Jennifer Miller

Head Chef

Our Story

Sam Aun was born and raised in Cambodia. In 2010, he decided to move to the United States and pursue a career in Fort Collins. At his first job in the states, he worked for a family-owned business called Happy Lucky’s Tea House for six years. After that, he worked at Whole Foods in the food preparation department, where he met his business partner, Jennifer Miller. Jennifer is very talented Thai-born chef with a passion for preparing food from scratch. 

With Sam’s desire to own a business, and Jennifer’s talent with creating delicious food, they decided to open a restaurant together. On October 30th, 2018, aSIANA Foods was born.

At Asiana Foods, we serve the most authentic asian Cuisine and Asian Fusion. From sushi burritos, to Japanese Tonkatsu Ramen, and Cambodian Cold Noodle, there is something for everyone to enjoy! We offer rainbow boba drinks in a variety of flavors, for those looking for something sweet and savory. 

aSIANA Foods

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